Ride Report – Backside of GMR

54.15 miles, 4:28 moving time, 4,439 ft elevation

The Club met on a frosty wintry morning. We climbed up Azusa Canyon and the backside of Glendora Mountain Road (GMR).

Gregg, Lynda, Doug, Ryan, Sven, Chris, Rob, Paul, Mike K., Mike O., Mike W., Joe, Gary, Sue

Starting at Sierra Madre Starbuck, it was a cold morning, about low 40’sF. Everyone was wrapped up in warm layers. Well, Ryan had long sleeves at least. Rob was taking his new ride for its first big climbing ride. Green monster. 

Mile 8: We rolled to Encanto and picked up a few more friends. Strong heads up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end. We continued up Azusa Canyon. There was some water in the dams again, thanks to a couple days of rain last week. 

Mile 17: No eagles were home at Eagle Tree. Bummer. 

Mile 19.5: We turned right at East Fork and went over the bridge. 

Mile 23.5: Rollers to the Williams Camp Cafe, some were steep. Potty stop and water fill. 

Mile 24.5: Gate was closed to auto and moto traffic! Wahoo! the best ride. Cold in the shade. 

Mile 29: Some frost on the road too. Warm in the sun.

Mile 30: Crest. Beautiful clears views for miles and miles. Rancho Palos Verdes and Catalina Island to the south. DTLA to the SW. Great descent. Straight west back to Encanto and Sierra Madre. Warmed up some and it felt perfect!

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