Big Day. Race Rehearsal. Long Beach

Club did a big day Race Rehearsal for Oceanside 70.3 on Saturday in Long Beach.

Rob, San, Raoul, Joe, David, Peter, Julian, Judy, Alvin, Paul, Gary, Rick, Ahmed

Swim. 2015 yds, 49 min. We started at the corner Life Guard station. We swam to the right to Buoy A – B – and the wall. This is over a mile. The water temp was listed on the stand 55-60F. It was cold but not mind numbing cold. I had a regular cap and no booties, noticeably warmer than a few weeks ago. Some folks stayed in the swim area.

Bike. 41.65 miles, 2:30 moving time, 492 ft elevation. Club rode over to the San Gabriel River Bike Trail. There was a 5k or some local event just finishing up. Some roads were “closed”. The Bike Trail was full of runners south bound (not on our north bound side), but there were also slow bikers heading north, so passing was sketchy for the first 3 miles.

Mile 20: At the Tunnel of Doom, we regrouped and flipped it to head back. South bound, there was a head wind. It’s always tempting to have crazy mind games with head winds. I get down on myself for being super slow. Instead, I try to turn it around and really enjoy a great ride. Perfect day to be out.

Run. 6.68 miles 1:39 moving time. Most folks were hitting 10 miles today, including running around Naples Island. The wind was really picking up by mid-day. It was a very very beautiful day in Long Beach. Flowers blooming, flags flying, tons sailboats criss crossing the bay. Nice day.

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