Big Day Report – Swim, Bike, Run

Joe, Raoul, John, Ivan, Teresa, Marisa, Maria, Ahmed, Bert, Eric, Elsa, Alvin, Julian, Gregg, Chris, David, Gary, Daniel.

Swim: 2258 yd

Bike: 41.82 miles

Run: 8.3 miles

Club prepared for Ironman Oregon 70.3 coming up in 2 weeks. We met up in Long Beach for Swim, Bike and Run.

Swim: 2258 yds. We started at the dock by the Life Guard station. I swam to the right passed Buoy A, Buoy B and to the wall before next set of boats (before Buoy C). I got back to the dock and was at 2000 yds. I need a little more, so I swam 100 out and back along the dock area. The rest of the crew was swimming too. David, Gary, Daniel started after the main crew. I ran into Gary on my way back, around Buoy A. It’s pretty running into folks during a swim and actually recognizing them! Rinsed off at the showers and walked back to the parking lot to transition. No rush on my part, other guys were in game mode and took off full speed. Water was warm, too warm in spots, actually. Ivan brought his daughter. They had a good swim. I was following them most of my swim.

Bike: 41.82. We rode along Bayshore to the beginning of the San Gabriel River Trail. Work has been crazy for me and I didn’t pack well for this training day. I forgot a cycling jersey and wore a blue tech tee. I was waving to my friends, but they didn’t recognize guy in blue tech tee as PTC. Gotta fly in the right colors or my peeps don’t know me.

Mile 2: Enter San Gabriel River Trail. Target was to ride up to mile 20 and flip it back. I didn’t notice at the time, but we had tailwinds in the first few miles of the trail.

Mile 6-10: There was a 5k or 10k run ON THE BIKE TRAIL. That was bananas. We were weaving through bike traffic and runners. The runners were going in both directions. It was a mess. I was feeling pretty strong at the time and making strong passing moves to get through it all. We passed their finish line somewhere around Del Amo. I could finally settle down and get into aero position and grind it out.

Mile 20: At the tunnel of doom, we stopped for a snack and flipped it. Greg was stretching out his back. Pic below looks a little more dramatic; but he was fine. It was definitely warming up a lot. We rode through the runners again. An hour later, and there were fewer of them, but still messy passing through.

Mile 34: Heavy heads winds. Sucked from the Bridge to the beach. Winds cooled us off, but slowed us down a lot.

Run: 8.83 miles

Target was 10 miles. Bunch of the crew went out along the beach bath. It was windy still. Off the bike, I liked the wind it was refreshing. Opted out of the beach front run, and headed toward the Naples Island Run ~6miles and then turned north for an adventurous additional miles. At Mile 8, I called time out and headed back.

Great day of training. Feeling ready for race.

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