Ride Report -Griffith Park Ride

36.8 miles, 3:03 moving time, 2,947 ft elevation

Mike O., Mike W., Gregg D., Greg M., Paul M., John, Lynda, Joe, Sue, Trevor and Larry

Mile 0: Start at Jones Coffee. Switched up the route today, so that the runners can do well at tomorrow’s FireCracker 5k/10k combo. Chilly start. Partly cloudy; didn’t really warm up.

Mile 3: Rode Through Old Town Pasadena, across Pasadena Bridge, through Eagle Rock, passed
Glendale College

Mile 10: Rode through Glendale along Kenneth, turned south on Sonora. I got a flat on one of the serious potholes. Mike O supervised and I quickly changed my flat tube and got rolling. We caught up to the group at the Observatory.

Mile 11: Entered Griffith Park on the Glendale side. Rode up the Burbank side. Passed Travel Town trains. Walked around the gate and climbed up the backside.

Mile 13: Rolled down to the Griffith Park Observatory. Potty stop. Snack Stop. Picture Stop.

Mile 18: Rode back up Trash Truck hill and descended down the Burbank side again. Carefully.

Mile 26: Rolled through Griffith Park. Passed the Golf course, Merry-go-Round, Pony ride (oh, wait they shut that down). Turned onto Los Feliz and got on Los Angeles River Trail.

Mile 28: Turned off River trails at Fletcher Drive. Rode up through Eagle Rock, across Yosemite. Climbed La Loma.

Mile 35: Arbor. Jeez…

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