Brick Report – Erin’s Loop

Brick Ride: Erin’s Loop

18.63 miles, 1: 16 moving time, 1,391 ft elevation gain.

Mark M., Julien, Raoul, Dave C., Dave M., San, Peter D., Julie, Ari, Joe, Alvin.

Freddie from Unchained Bicycle Garage met us at the start. Tune ups and fixes. I dropped off two bike for tune for St George. My TT bike before the brick ride and my rode bike after the ride.

Mile 0: Met at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Cooler than expected. Got kinda misty later in the evening.

Mile 6: Two warm up loops around the Bowl.

Mile 7: Left up and out Salvia Canyon

Mile 8: Left up Lida. Passed Art Center Hillside Campus. Right on Figueroa. Descent to Chevy Chase, Highland and Linda Vista.

Mile 12: Loop again. Right on Lida and up and over hill.

Mile 18: Back to Rose Bowl.

Drop off bike to UBG. Quick wardrobe change. Fresh running shirt. Shorts with pockets. Headphones.

Brick Run: Rose Bowl Loop

3.55 miles, 46 min.

I ran / walked around the Rose Bowl Loop. Knees were still a little tender. It was getting pretty dark and misty.

Dinner with the Club. Korean BBQ all you can eat. and Beers. Yum!

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