treasure hunting.

treasure hunt is an exercise in unique genius to lead me to find my unique genius.

What are you already doing for free that you love but never thought you could make money at?

  • competing in triathlons
  • cleaning houses
  • paying bills
  • organizing house stuff
  • remembering to be thankful

Ccomplete this “If i could help anyone/ any kind of person, i would help…”

  • athletes
  • dads
  • techies
  • go getters
  • positive people
  • money conscious folks
  • happy thankful people
  • playful, fun people
  • industrial designers

If you could start a business that wouldn’t fail, that is assured of success, what would it do? who would it help or benefit?

  • trail runners
  • industrial product designers
  • painters watercolor
  • house flipper
  • commercial property investor

What did you want to do when you were 8 years old? and Why?

  • doctor. to help and heal people from sickness.
  • roller coaster designer. to give exhilarating experiences. entertain with physically fun fast rides.

Who are you jealous of?

  • rich guys that travel alot. they can work outside the office. not tied down. don’t punch clock.
  • can travel for triathlons.
  • can swim, ride, or run during daylight hours.
  • i could name names, but i’m a little self conscious that they’d read this someday.

What frustrates you and the you would like to personally help fix in the world? Especially something that you deal with personally or daily?

  • not much here for me.
  • obliquely, i would say childhood obesity. but, my kids are skinny as a rail. but i would like to get involved. i am disgusted by fat people. i have a bias that they’re lazy. 
  • second one is assisted living for elderly. my grandparents went into such facilities. it’s a huge problem. there are huge opportunities for business and personal involvement.

What do you enjoy most in work?

  • creative time. checking out new technology for new applications. seeing what is out there and seeing if it can be applied in new ways. at my day job, i look for applications within their business model.

What ideas or causes or vision are you passionate about?

  • clean water for Africans. i can get behind that. it seems way out there. way over there. i don’t feel passionate about childhood obesity. it’s gross and a parenting and social problem. i don’t have a good passionate something right now.

What do people keep coming to you for help with? to ask your advice on?

  • nothing really.  i need to talk to more people. i meet with my friend Lawrence once in awhile. 
  • Jessica. we talk about her next steps for career. young engineer. how to success. how to interview. how to manage management. climb corporate ladder.

What are you main hobbies? What were your hobbies when you were young, before your career suppressed them or you forgot about them?

  • triathlon is my hobby now. swimming, biking, running. it’s a fun community of friends that push my physical and mental limits. it’s helped me accomplish amazing feats.
  • gardening. i love digging in the dirt and trying to get stuff to live.
  • i love the design elements of gardening. color, texture, arrangement. fitting into the environment. fitting with the house. cost. hardscape and softscape.
  • i love painting and art. sculpture. i picked up sketching at work a while ago to assist in my ideation at work.

What do you secretly love to do, or love about yourself?

  • i have style. i like interior decorating. remodeling in my mind. better flow. better floor pattern. changing lighting and furnishings.

What section do you go to first in a bookstore? Why?

  • New books. I like to see the hot topics. i like to see the cover designs on the new books. size and shape of the books. edges of the pages are torn or clean cut. 
  • i like art books and travel books. beautiful pictures of landscapes and beautiful bodies.

What kind of work would you do for free? what kinds of work are you doing already for free?

  • coaching. mentoring. it’s hard to say. not much comment.
  • i volunteered at church before. but it was obligatory. not self motivated.
  • gardening with kids at our house. 

What do your friends think are your strengths, passions and superpowers?

  • i need to ask them. i will guess for now.
  • a sense of adventure. trying out new business ideas and taking the leap.
  • organized and detail oriented. keep track of all the little things.
  • understand the big picture.
  • keep priorities and plug away at big problems chip by chip.
  • i learn by example. i can copy and replicate what i see

2 thoughts on “treasure hunting.

  1. Oh, Beth. Thanks for the comment!
    Communication with anybody. Check.
    I am fun and like everybody. Check.
    Trustworthy. Check check.
    I’ll be sure to add those in! Sometimes it feels weird to say those things about yourself, but if you say it, then it must be true.
    Those characteristics are so easy to have when you’re in town. Hope to see you soon.
    PS. I have a cousin st Westmont. We sent him to say hi to Maurice. Hope you connect,
    Cheers, Joe

  2. Joe, you should add that you can communicate well with anybody. Don’t you think so? You project “I am fun and I like everybody,” which is super and I think also you project trustworthy. So add that to your ideas, okay?

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