Almost every night, I tuck my kids into bed and pray over them. My prayer usuallysleep four-feet-in-bed-mdn concludes with a blessing that God would grant them rest and a good night’s sleep. My kids are teens/ ‘tweens age. They’re sleeping more. Obviously physical rest is important for the kids and there’s alleviation from allergies and congestion from colds, but it’s also a special blessing for spiritual and emotional rest. I’m actually praying for a break from the busy day. I’m praying for refueling of their heart and soul.

Lesson: Unwinding, relaxing the mind is rest for the body and soul.

Rest is a huge theme in the Bible. God created the world and everything in it in 6 days and then He rested. Rest and peace continue through the Bible. Nation of Israel is always looking for rest and peace. Rest and peace are refuge from the stormy day, from the daily battles. Rest is quiet and unwinding time.

rest-work-after-millet-1890This picture is Vincent Van Gogh’s Rest Work (after millet), 1890.

Rest for athletes, even for weekend warriors, is important for recovery and strengthening. Recovery is a detox time for the body. Rest is a detox time for the mind.

Lesson: Rest cleans out and restores the body.

My seasonal allergies wake me once in a while and I miss out on a restful night of sleep. It’s very disruptive for the rest of my day. Getting enough rest is very important. I’m usually really good at sleeping.

Tip: Pack your bags the night before, so you can sleep better at night.

While I brush my teeth at night, I pack my gym bag with clothes and gear for the next morning, little stuff that I might forget in groggy morning, things like gloves, hat, GPS heart rate monitor strap, head light. When I have a meeting in the morning, I lay out my clothes, from top to bottom. When I packing for a trip, I pack from top to bottom. Head: Hats, contact, shampoo, hair gel. To bottom: dress shoes, running shoes, socks. Getting all that stuff out and visible allows my mind to rest and sleep better.

One thing that prevents me from resting is trying to remember something for the morning. I try not to forget and try to keep it on the forefront of my mind. In the process, I can’t sleep. It’s much better for me to get out of bed and go do it or write it down as a reminder, then my mind can stop thinking about it anRest_Stop_Brown_Bear-1600x1200d sleep.

Tip: Can’t sleep because you’re thinking about something. Get up and do it. or Get up and write it down as a reminder. Then, you can go to sleep.

Tip: Clean while you hunt for something.

Motto: Everything has it’s place.

I’m always losing one thing or another. I learned that while I’m hunting for it, it’s a good time to clean up, meaning putting things back where they belong. That way, things are in a more predictable place, they won’t be lost next time. Everything has its place. It has to go home to its spot so you can find it. Maybe that place is the trash. Minimalist living kicks in about this. Stay focused on the hunt. Carry things to different rooms and put them back, but do it while you’re hunting. At the end, the thing you’re looking for is either back in its place or lost. At that point it goes on the list. I put in my amazon cart for 2 days, and give it time to surrender and show up on its own accord.

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