Mulholland Prelude. Bike ride. 69.7 miles. 10725 ft.

Mulholland Prelude by Planet Ultra

I rode this event with my friends from PTC, Lynda, Sebastian, and Michael.
Starting from the Sheraton in Agoura Hills, the ride went over Mulholland Highway to Malibu and back.
Climbs up Decker canyon, Stunt Canyon, Encinal.

Route sheet. 69.7 miles. 10725 ft of elevation.

The views were amazing. Panoramic views of the valley and of the ocean. Perfect weather.
I took my rice cakes and had a good day. No belly bonks. I felt pretty good until the last climb, had to take a couple breaks. No real dark moments. Usually on long hard rides there’s a dark moment, that is a mental block, angry, regret, frustration, fueled by lack of nutrition or fitness. Lynda always provides extra support with supplements and encouragement, but even she know that someone in a dark moment needs to work through that on their own. It will pass and the ride moves on and gets better. We chatted along the slow ascents. We squealed through the massive descents. We had fun along the rollers along the ridge tops. Malibu and Pacific coast Highway was sparkling. Traffic was ok. Sebastian made my heart stop on one intersection at Kanan and Mulholland. Dude needs to stop at big intersections and look, at least get out of aero to see the speeding Porsche. Aid stations were great. I only took Hammer nutrition Perpetum products and water. But there was also Pretzels. Chocolate, granola. It was Michael’s first time up Decker Canyon, so that was memorable for him.

Bike Lesson: Life (and riding) with friends is always more fun than by yourself.

My system doesn’t digest granola nor Powerbars, but rice cakes work great for me on long, all-day events. They are hydrated, real food. My belly can absorb it slowly all day long.. It took me a long time to figure out what to eat that would help my system. I had huge GI distress after 4 hous of an event. Last Mulholland Challenge, I had to stop after 93 miles, instead of the full 120. Endurolytes and Antifatigue pills from Hammer Nutrition are great supplements on the road. Every half hour.

Bike Lesson: Some times trial and error are required to find out what works best for you. Be patient, listen for suggestions.

It was a great accomplishment to finish this ride. It was really tough. Lots of climbing, but the day was really fun and the scenery was spectacular.
(I have some video clips that on a later post later.)










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