Riding Bikes with kids

I took the kids out for a bike ride on Sunday Morning. Mom went for a run while we rode, she’s not a cyclist (yet).

Sweetie got the new bike a couple weeks ago. It a Cannondale road bike. This is her first ride on it. We drove the over to Grand Ave. by Trader Joe’s. Mostly flat along the Arroyo, beautiful homes and scenic trees. Chief is wore the action video camera on his helmet.

Then, Chief needed a challenge so we went up Arbor St. The Garmin data said it’s about 14% grade. It’s a short block that’s straight uphill. Chief made it without stopping. Sweetie was a little sore this morning from softball practice on the day before, so the hill got the better of her.

Riding and talking.

It’s a great opportunity to teach them about life on the bike. Practical things like safety and predicting traffic. Looking through the car windows for potential doors opening.

It’s also a great time to chat about life and create relaxed fun memories together. We talked about triathlons, about kids at school. We commented on the architecture of the houses, and the pretty trees. We stopped and watched dad and sons playing soccer at the Arroyo. We stopped and watched horse and riders jumping at the San Pasqual Equestrian Center.

We’re riding down Grand Ave.


IMG_0658 IMG_0659

We’re walking and riding up Arbor St.



Chief narrated the ride. It’s hilarious to me. Cam on his helmet was pointed a little too low, so most of the video is the road in front of him. I love his commentary. There were 6 parts to the video, but I spare you the details. One or two are enough.

Here’s a short video by me. it shows the video camera on Braden’s helmet.

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