run trails at dawn

Running Trails in the Morning. 5.4 mi. 1:06 moving time. Lots of stops for pictures. It was a beautiful morning in La Canada.

Today’s Lesson: Take advantage of the every day.

As I tucked the kids into bed last night, I placed my hand on their head, said a blessing prayer and kissed them good night. It was late already. I’ve been accumulating the data to upload for the tax lady. By the time I walked into their rooms, their lights were off and they were drifting off to sleep already. I reached into the darkness and whispered softly to find their head. Some nights they are already asleep before I get to their bedside. I still holding their head, say prayer and kiss them goodnight. Sometimes, they stir a little and say ‘good night, daddy’, back to me while I’m withdrawing from their room. Sometimes, they keep sleeping. It’s worth it every time. I knew I had to wake up early to get my run in today. So, a little tired and under-slept myself, but it was worth it. The dawn is my reward.

Strava details.


At the Bridge by the Dam.



Along the horse trails by JPL.


Flint Canyon




Here’s the Strava details. I wasn’t real fast cuz i kept stopping to take pictures. Strava used to connect instagram pics with the run, but the connect doesn’t sync any more. too bad.

strava 140212

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