Ride. Mt Wilson.

Sunday Ride Report. La Canada to Mt Wilson.

Summary: 37.5 miles, 4,672 ft elevation, 3:31:34 moving time

This was a second day in a row of mountain climbing for me, Luis, and Lynda. Steve and David joined us. This is a beautiful shot at RedBox Canyon.



From the beginning:

We intended to climb the front side of GMR, but when we got there at 7am, it was raining. I mean RAINING. We were laughing at how hard it was raining. We hypothesized that the storm was small and moving from the west to the east. So, we quickly regrouped at La Canada and got climbing up the Angeles Crest Highway CA 2.


We started out going up Angles Crest Highway, it’s automatically 8-10% grade for several miles. My butt was sore from Mulholland the day before. It took about an hour for my body to shake off the sore from the day before.


It was sunny, but cool on the way up. The clouds started swirling around as we got near the top of Mt Wilson.

Luis was a stud. He was in his BIG ring on the climb up. You crazy, dude.



Mt Wilson has lots of Huge antennas for TV and radio comm.


At the top, we ran into some friends, Richie and Cuba.


At the top of Mt Wilson: Me, Steve, David, Lynda, Luis!


Descent was COLD!

Strava Details:

La Canada to Mt Wilson. (rained out of the GMR).  Ride  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 3312014 110153 AM

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