Vacation Cruise Part 3. Jamaica, Mon!

Wednesday. Falmouth, Jamaica.
Woke up and hit the gym. Breakfast at Windjammer. We beat the crowd by 20 minutes.
Got ready for a big excursion day in Falmouth Jamaica. Sunny and muggy. The boat docked late, so we got started late. This causes some anxiety later.
The dock was quaint replication of colonial Spanish marketplace. Walked out to meet our Tour Guide Danella. On the bus ride to the ZipLine, she told us cultural and historical tidbits. Her voice could pierce Shamu’s plexiglass wall. The native Jamaican language is Patois, a mix English, Spanish, and French. We learned a Patois phrase. Me name M. Me come from Pasadena. Me love softball.
Jamaica earned independence on Aug 6, 1962 from the English. 200 year rule. Lots of history related to Slavery. Samuel Sharp. Fighter. National hero. Blue Mountain Coffee. Highest peak. 7,000 ft. Served on Air Force One. Rio Bueno. Largest slave trade harbor. First school. For black people. Bridge 1829. Still drove on it until 8yrs ago. Discovery Bay. Where Columbus discovered the island. School in session. Uniforms. Runaway Caves. Slaves. 15 miles Tunnels. Escape for slave. Green caves. Spiders snakes. Bats. Huge lake. Blind fish.
We landed at the Chukka grounds. We gathered our gear and climbed into a 4-wheel drive open bus and ride up the steep bumpy gravel road to the top of the mountain. We hopped out and put on the zip gear. Short safety speech. Then a long hike down hill along a steep trail. My knee was still tender and awkward on the hike it was very pretty walking through the jungle. They crushed a leaf and smelled it really refreshing and aromatic. I guessed it was melaleuca, but they never said. They guides were funny playful young men. They kept calling me Jackie Chan and they called Irene Mrs. Chan. So, I called them OJ. We there in line with another couple. The gent was a little round and wearing a blue t-shirt, so they called him Papa Smurf. The zip lines were shady and jungley and over a rushing river. Terrifying for me, I’m scared of heights. I screamed a lot. Kids had a blast. At one platform we had the repel down about 30 feet. The guides did everything for you. Just had to jump off and pray they did it right and didn’t break your legs. I think there about 10 zips.
IMG_6530 IMG_6533
IMG_6534 IMG_6544
IMG_6548 IMG_6550
IMG_6552 IMG_6553
IMG_6567 IMG_6568
MM zipping
Irene zipping
MM’s POV zipping
After the last zip there was another long hike through the jungle along the river back the main grounds. Lunch was jerk chicken, rice and beans, salad. Ok. Spicy sauce was really spicy. There were peacock friends roaming around. One albino peacock unfurled all the feathers it was awesome.
IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6593 IMG_6594
Bus ride to the Dunn River Falls. Guides were hilarious. They made the whole climb really fun. Lots of energy. Melbourne and Chuck (?). It’s a very popular tourist attraction. There lots of lines of people holding hands following a guide. The rocks were slippery. The guides took lots of pictures and videos. They had everyone cheering and waving. Everybody had lots of fun energy. Braden went down the slide and back flip. BK lost his prescription goggles in the water and the guide swam down 4 times to find it. We have him a big tip.
IMG_6597 IMG_6601 IMG_6611 IMG_6612 IMG_6614
We were running behind schedule. Bus driver made up time by driving really fast. Fell asleep on the bus.
We made it back to the boat with one minute to spare. Picked up a bag of Blue Mountain Coffee. Yum.
Late for first seating for dinner, but Antonio let us sit down. Dinner was yummy. Braised short rib and shank.
Kids went swimming after dinner.

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