Wednesday Run. Pace day.

5.56 miles, 55:03 moving time.

Coach Steve, Lynda, Mike, Evelyn, and me. Warm ups at 6:15am at the Rose Bowl. Pace day. Prize patrol was out today. Mike and Evelyn picked up new PTC socks!

Target for today was pace day.
12:00 min/ mile
11:00 min/ mile
10:00 min/ mile
9:00 min/ mile
8:00 min/ mile
We did pretty good with pace along a hilly course above the Arroyo.

Mike told me stories about his work trip to China.

Steve told stories about Yosemite riding and hiking with Nancy.

Lynda told dog stories. And I huffed and puffed along. I was happy to keep up with the pace goals.

I renewed my membership at RBAC. Showered up before work. I saw that the pool is spraying to cool off the water temp. Pretty cool.

IMG_8163 IMG_8164 PTC Wed Morning Run. Pace Day.  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 7232014 83818 AM

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