Performance Review. Anxiety or Awesomness.

I got a calendar invite for my Performance Review.

Excited about it? I should be. It was a good year, here at my day job. But, ‘excited’ wasn’t the right word exactly to describe my viscerally response. I gulped and took a deep breath. Up and Up. For sure, it’s an opportunity. It’s a chance to talk about the future with my supervisor. It’s anxiety too. It’s the unknown.

As the Scots say, stiff upper chin, laddy. As the Motown says, Grin and face the music.

Then, I took another breath and dug deep into my happiness well. Come what may. Bring it on. Be prepared to knock ’em dead. Wow ’em with your accomplishments. Don’t get defensive. Listen and be polite. Be patient. Speak softly and smile. Win with grace and poise, regardless of the outcome. See the ebb and flow in my mental preparation there?

What do I want from the performance review? What can I ask for? It’s not a spanking session to whip me in line. At least I don’t expect one. [In the back of my mind I always assume my boss reads this blog, so, ‘hi, Robert’!] We meet every Monday and my weekly status report records all the accomplishments for the week. It was easy to fill out the form, by flipping through the reports and finding all the awesomeness.


Performance Review is done. and ….

Awesomeness won. I “exceeded expectations” this year. The HR form breaks it down by goals It was great review overall. I felt appreciated and acknowledged for my efforts at work this year. There were some points to improve upon and some future incentives. Ahhh. Sweet relief and happiness again.


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