CompuTrainer. Cape Henlopen Triathlon.

15.27 virtual miles, 44:21 spin time.

I rode computrainer with Lynda, Kirk, Amy, Gregg. Flat course. Lynda looked at the bumpy profile and thought it was a lot of hills. But the scale was way off. The bumps on the preview are scaled and the steepest one was 1.0% grade. heheh.

The sunset was gorgeous as we were spinning away.

I had my sturdy Garmin chest strap for heart rate monitor. I tried out Gregg’s Mio. It’s pretty great to have heart rate on your wrist instead of the chest strap. I always found the chest strap too constricting on my breathing, or else i slipped down to my belly. Either was was not great. I’m putting the Mio on the Christmas wish list, along with Garmin 920XT, Hoka One One Green.

IMG_1486 IMG_1487 IMG_1489 Chrome Legacy Window 10302014 95730 PM


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