Track workout. 2x 800 – 7x 400.

4.6 miles, 1:04 moving time, 96 suffer score.

Los Feliz Flyers at CalTech.

Today I joined the big boys in the main group. I was flat out last on every set. I redlined my heart rate on every lap. It was tough, but I feel faster.

2x 800, 7x 400

There was a big crew there tonight. Lynda, Bill, Yuri, Mike, were in the TOG group. I was slightly bitter, that none of them graduated up with me. Gregg, Amy was in the main group, but they’re fast. Scott, Sebastian are superfast. Coach Don told me afterwards to stay with it and it will get better. Coach Chuck said the main group is only way I’ll get faster. He’s the one that kicked me out of the TOG last week. I met James, Alisa, Loch. They were the back of the pack too.


2x 800 (1)  7:50, (2) 7:35

7x 400: (1) 7:03, (2) 7:03 (3) 7:09 (4) 7:59 (5) 7:10 (6) 7:03 (7) 6:53

150211 track

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