Ride Report. Angeles Crest Hwy 2. La Canada – Clear Creek – Red Box.

27.8 miles, 3,442 ft climbing, 2:12 moving time, 72 suffer score, 18 trophies

The Pasadena Triathlon Club rode from La Canada up Angeles Crest Hwy 2 into the mountains. We met at Panera Bread in La Canada which is at the base of the mountain. It was a cloudy and cool morning. We were all bundled up, the main group was headed to the top of Hwy 2. Cloudburst Summit, elevation 7018, 65 mile roundtrip. The weather is unpredictable at the top and was a little foreboding at the bottom. I had time constraints for Chinese New Year celebrations, I made the first 2 stops along the way, which is Clear Creek and then Red Box. I had a 27.8 mile trip and flipped it. The Coached ride started at the same time and location. So, it was great to see the whole group together at the start. The starting mile is straight up at 8%, then 5-7% for 8 miles to Creek Creek. We took a very short water and regroup stop. We climbed above the clouds and the sun was shining. There’s a nice short descent, then steep switchbacks up to Red Box. Along the climb, it’s fun to chit chat and catch up with friends. Slow speed climbing you can talk about a lot of stuff. It’s peaceful in the mountains. Another regroup point. Some guys went to Mt. Wilson. Some continued to Newcombs Ranch and Cloudburst. I flipped it with Gail, and Henry and zoomed down the hill. It was very cold on the descent. I had fingerless gloves and it by the time I got to the bottom, it certainly felt that way.

Picture: Gail, Amy, Danny, Luis, Kirk, Lynda, Yuri, Gregg, Henry, Peter, MikeW, Martin, Dino, David, Shane, Peter.

Not in picture: Elizabeth, MikeK, SueM, Steve, Alvin, DaveB.


IMG_6911IMG_6919 IMG_6918

IMG_6922 IMG_6941 IMG_6942 IMG_6946 IMG_6949 IMG_6951


IMG_6954 IMG_6956 IMG_6957 IMG_6958 IMG_6959  IMG_6966


  IMG_6973 IMG_6972  IMG_6967IMG_6970IMG_6971

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