Summer Swim in Socal

The summer days are warm, but the summer mornings are perfect.

1,914 yds (1750 m), 39:34 moving time.

Long course at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center is 50 meters. It’s awesome. It feels like I’m really going somewhere. Unlike the 25 yd (short course), which feels like I’m cheating every time I push off and glide 30% of the length.

The pools at RBAC start to get hot in the summer. They use these aerators to cool off the pools. It’s like swimming through a water fountain. As the water falls back to the pool, it evaporates a bit and releases heat and energy. I was in the far right lane, which only gets a fair sprinkle. It feels nice and cool on your back. That pool is always “competition” temperature, which is typically freezing cold to me. So, it’s really perfect right now. I shared the lane with 2 other guys and we circle swam. Not a problem in a 50 meter pool.


Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. 1750m. Great Tuesday Morning.  Swim  Strava - Google Chrome 6302015 33604 PM

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