Swim Clinic with Golden Road Aquatics

Golden Road Aquatics Hosted a swim clinic for PTC at Verdugo Pool in Burbank. Instruction with swim coaches. Drills. Individual feedback from the coaches. Underwater video.

Coaches Mike Lucky Lucero, Kenny Duarte, Jason Bergstrom, Allyson Young.

For me, I was reminded of (1) Body Rotation. (2) Body Position. Relax the head, don’t stick it out or down too much. (3) Arm pull. Don’t cross the mid-line,especially my right arm. Don’t push myself up, when I’m pulling back. Pull to move forward not up to breathe, rather rotate to breath.

Tons of stuff to learn on swimming. Swimming is hard to observe yourself. Other people can really see what you’re actually doing. Luis was watching me and could see my right arm going all over the place; it crossed the mid-line and then swung back to the right.

Rob says, “I really enjoyed the clinic with Golden Road. The coaches were great. Very patient, and very good at teaching concepts to ‘adult onset’ swimmers like me. My biggest takeaways:

  • Balance and position in the water. I’ll be doing those first two drills they showed us as often as I can, as it exposes a (now) obvious weakness in my form.
  • My reach and rotation will definitely improve, now that I have seen it done correctly and had it explained in detail.
  • Apparently I had a bad habit of bending at the waist, that Mike easily taught me to correct. Now that I am aware of it, it will be easy to avoid.
  • The difference between swimming in a 50 meter versus a 25 yard pool is much greater than I thought.

Lynda, Amy, Rob, Shiela, Joe, Kelsey, Manny, Kin, Catherine, Alvin, Neal, Mike, and Luis (photographer).


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