Adopting Amazing Qualities

]This is a re-post from Brian Johnson, an amazing modern philosopher and share-er of great books and idea. He’s his post on adopting amazing qualities.]

“‘Asking for qualities’ describes the other kind of role-playing. When introducing this idea, I usually say something like this: ‘Imagine that I am the director of a television series. Knowing that you are an actor that plays tennis, I ask if you would like to do a bit part as a top-flight tennis player. I assure you that you needn’t worry about hitting the ball out or into the net because the camera will only be focused on you and will not follow the ball. What I’m mainly interested in is that you adopt professional mannerisms, and that you swing your racket with super self-assurance. Above all, your face must express no self-doubt. You should look as if you are hitting every ball exactly where you want to. Really get into the role, hit as hard as you like and ignore where the ball is actually going.”

—W. Timothy Gallwey from The Inner Game of Tennis

“Asking for qualities.”

This is one of Gallwey’s three practices for communicating with Self 2. (The other two? Letting go of judgments and the art of creating images of the outcomes you want to see.)

When he asks his players to try this their performance goes way up.

How about you?

How would you show up in your life if you acted like a top-flight pro in your given field, adopted professional mannerisms and did your thing with super self-assurance—with no doubt and pure confidence?



How would you walk, talk, breathe and be if you were acting like the best possible version of yourself? Be that.

And watch your performance soar.

Sometimes I read things I just have to share with somebody. This is so cool. I kinda feel this way when I’m running or biking.
Maybe I don’t know exactly what I’m doing but I pretend that I’m a pro and act like one. Then I try much harder and actually perform much stronger. Joe.

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