Redshift. Shifting seat post and aero bars.

A couple of my friends have used the Redshift clip on aero bars and shifting seat post. They like it alot. It’s changes your road bike into a TT bike on the fly. The quick release attachments make the clip on aero bars easy and stable. The seat post flips from road to TT position on the fly. The system comes highly recommended by a world class bike fitter too. I’m planning on ordering my set very soon from Amazon, link here.

Redshift Aero System

DC Rainmaker’s indepth review of Redshift Aero System. Aero bars and shifting seat post.

Pictures are from Redshift and DC Rainmaker.

P1010871_edited_2_Large__80669.1408396074.350.263output_ekl1aF_thumbslideshow_02__31520IMG_6828_thumb  IMG_6793_thumb


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