New Shoes. Altra – Provision 2.0

Altra  Provision 2.0. New shoes!

The thing about running shoes. You hope that they address your problems, without causing new one. My problem were (1) flat feet and all the stuff with that (knee, periformis, IT) and (2) blisters along a fold down middle of my foot. The cause was my flat feet and narrow shoes that squeezed the foot and created a skin fold. I used to like Asics with a replacement insole PowerMaxx for arch support. Well the Altras are known as a wide toe box to allow your toes to splay naturally. Which is great, but then they look like clown shoes. The coloring was similar to my Hoka One One and my wife thought they were the same clown shoes. Then I told her they were new and different. Then she said they were new and different clown shoes. Sheesh. 

After Revel Canyon, I had a lot of pain and basically decided to stop running for a couple weeks and let it all rest. I ordered my new shoes and swam more. A couple weeks passed and I tried them out this week. Not sure all of the issues resolved but I do like the new shoes. Altras are super light, zero drop. They’re really fun to run in. 




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