Sunrise Swim

Golden Road Masters Swim Workout. 2400 yds.

For this week, GRA relocated to Glassell Park Pool during regular maintenance at Verdugo Pool. Glassell is a bit closer to my house. So, that’s nice. It opens a few minutes late so, we’re losing a bit of time on our workouts, but whatever. The sunrise this morning was stunning. So, I jumped out to snap a few pictures.

The pool is warm, and freeway access is terrific for taking off to work. However, the lanes are narrow and the locker room is old school. The showers are nice and hot. Okay overall.

The short 25yds, makes counting a chore for me. I always forget how many times I’m flipping. This morning all the ladies were full steam ahead. Good workout. And, my backstroke is so bad, I think Cara dove under me to avoid getting whacked in the head. Sorry, Cara.

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