Foggy Run. Handstand recovery.

6.1 miles, 1:04 time

I met Coach Steve and Lynda for the big loop around the Rose Bowl. We ran from 6-7am on Wednesday. Super foggy. We worked hard on this last run together for the year. Steve’s headed to Mexico for the holidays. Air temp was ~50F. So not too bad. It’s typically cooler in the Arroyo. I bundled up with gloves and hat and windbreaker, cuz I hate being cold. But it was unnecessary gear, and I was soaking wet sweaty by the end. It felt good to run again.

My foot seems to being cooperating too. No pain. Love the Altras. Running is the hardest of the sports for me, but I feel the greatest gain from it.

The legs were feeling it later in the day. I stretched out good at night and worked on my handstands. Inversions are great for recovery.

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