This year’s One Word Theme: Amazing

My favorite author, Gretchen Rubin, challenged her podcast listeners to update their One Word Theme. Since I didn’t really start the year with a One Word Theme, I’m going to start one right now.


This is my theme this year because I have my eyes set on some amazing goals.

1. Ironman Mont Tremblant (IMMT)

This is a huge lifetime goal. When I started triathlons, I never had that distance on my radar. I didn’t start triathlons with that as my big goal. Since then, my friends and tri club teammates have instilled more belief in me than I had in myself. Triathlon is funny because although it’s a solo event, because no one can help you across the line, it’s also a social event. I train in a group and travel to events in a group. I wouldn’t do much of these races without the companionship of my friends. The amazing part of completing Ironman is breaking it down piece by piece until you cross the line.

Progress. The training plan is on track now. Coach Barry and I have worked out a plan. The main events are all registered and travel plans are all made. Hotel, air, bike transport. B-races are registered. Vineman is a B-race this year. How crazy is that? Anticipation and lead up to the event is a big part of the event. You work so hard to be ready for the event. It’s the whole focus for the year. The weekly events are all plugged into the calendar, down to the day to day stuff. School drop offs, soccer carpools, family dinners.

The year is flying by quickly. Every weekend is filled with kids activities and tri club events. Whenever anything unplanned comes up, like a memorial service in Santa Barbara or a baby party in Montery Park, there is always internal stress on what to do with the prior commitments. These goals have really made the priorities clear. When something has to change, I just have to make the right choice and move forward, don’t fret about it too much, because there will always be something next. I’ll do my best to plan out everything, and if it has to change, it’s okay. we’ll pick it up the next day.

2. Costa Rica

I have a summer vacation with my daughter planned for Costa Rica. This trip is organized through Discover Corps, which is family friendly version of Peace Corps. There is education, volunteerism, and vacation all wrapped into one. This trip will be amazing for the innate natural beauty, for the extended father – daughter time, and for the unique traveling experience.

Progress. Passports are ready. Final payments made. Flights are purchased.. We bought the recommended readers to learn about the history of Costa Rica, learn Spanish for Costa Rica, and learn about the Wildlife in Costa Rica. The readers are a way to bring the anticipation of the trip to a daily/weekly touch time. We got M a new phone with a terrific camera (iPhone 6S), in anticipation for the trip. When we got there to AT&T, they had a promo of buy 1 get one free (add another line), which works out for everybody. That’s a long story for another post. So, I also got a new iPhone. I got a new underwater case with 4 lens, to take pictures on the trip.

I find amazement in the big things and also in the little things. I will find amazing parts of the everyday, the special moments, the little things, and the biggest of all things.


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