Is what’s good for me good for you?

A couple years ago, after I got my own stuff together, I caught my breathe and contemplated what I really want to do in life. I came to the realization that improving other people’s lives is really important. It’s something that is very rewarding. Giving back in any fashion is rewarding, but giving back in a unique and personal way, it truly satisfying.

I decided to volunteer to be on the board of directors for PTC. I served as Secretary 2014 and later as President 2015. Now, this year, I’m serving as the Membership Director 2016.

Another idea was to mentor younger guys. But, is what’s good for me also good for someone else? It might not fit for them. Mentoring is, as I’m come to learn, a give and take. You listen and support. You offer ideas for guys to think about, and follow up with what worked and what didn’t work. The personal experience is a credential that shows you tried, but it’s only one data point.

They say that like attracts like. How could I spend time with people that would gain anything from what I have learned so far? I guess it would be guys like me that would benefit the most. They say that you are the most effective at helping people that are like a previous version of you. The personal side of my life, work experience, triathlon and lifehacks make it a unique experience.

I have the great opportunity to work with one guy in particular. We went through the Happiness Project as a book study and as the general guidelines for a 10 wk mentoring program. It was great. I took notes on what I was learning about mentoring.

More recently, I’ve been listening to TED talks for podcast. I love them. The TED talk is a life lesson that the speaker has devoted his entire life to, and he shares his personal extreme circumstances, with wondrous results. The TED talks remind me that your life lesson can inspire others to make a difference too.

I’m not sure that all my life lessons are going to help anyone else, but it might. I am happy to think that even being open to mentoring is opening up myself to share my experience with other guys.

Last night, I hosted the PTC Intro to Tri Clinic. It was an obvious way to give back to the triathlon community. It was invigorating to see the excitement and anxiety in their eyes for their first race. Giving my time on a Thursday night was time well spent. I met a new PTC member. He thanked me for convincing him that the Club could help him toward his triathlon dreams.

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