Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) Ride Report

54.5 miles, 3:52 moving time, 4,347 ft elevation.

I led the B group ride for the Pasadena Tri Club. We started in Sierra Madre and went east and north into the Angeles Forest. We went up the front side of Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) and then down the backside. We fueled up at the Cafe and then on toward East Fork. Then down the rollers along Hwy 39 to Azusa. The A Group went to Mt. Baldy.

This was Anthony’s first time up GMR. He did great.

Peter, Friend1, Jason, Rob, Ben, Anthony, Jonathan.


At Encanto, we picked up Dino, Rich, Hank, Alvin, MikeW, Gregg, Ryan, Bob.

That’s my new helmet: Kask Mojito (thanks to Gio).

Chrome Legacy Window 352016 15131 PM



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