Brick+ = Ride + Run + Pizza + Beer

Ride: 7 loops. 21.9 miles, 1:05 moving time

Run: 2 miles, 18:45 time.

We had a great brick last night at the Rose Bowl. Allen and Peter are leading the bricks this season. They invited Rich Strauss to provide the keynote for the night. Rich, besides founding PTC, founded Endurance Nation. His tips for the night. Paceline: Keep it steady. No distractions. No surges. You don’t have to pull if you don’t want to. Rotate outside. Wiggle with elbow indication for rotation. No aerobars while in the pelaton. Aero okay when by yourself.

We had a few new people join us too. Hello Michael, Gustavo, and friend. We started from the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and rode up to the loop. We stayed together for the social first 2 laps clockwise. First lap: Double pace line 16-17mph uphill on west side, 22-23mph downhill on the east side. Second lap: Stay together and increase by 1-2 mph on each side. After that continue with loops. We broke into smaller groups based on pace. Fast guys took off the front and such. Rode for about 1 hr. Then run around the Bowl. I did a 2 mile out and back, it was getting dark and cold.

Next week the bricks move to 6pm! Baseline Time Trial.

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