Ride report. Long beach.

70.9 miles, 3:55 time. 21 Strava trophies.

On an overcast morning we went down the Ruo Hondo and LA River trails to Long beach. There was a subtle head wind and it just made us feel like we were slow and sluggish. But we figured out what was really going on. We refueled at Starbucks in Long Beach. On the way back, I was caught up with a fast group a couple times. That effort to hang on caught up with me and I ended up taking it slower on the last leg up Sierra Madre.

Nutrition plan for long rides has converted from rice cakes to PB&J sandwiches. They worked great on the King of Mountain rides. They pack better and have a better shelf life. Rice cakes would dehydrate or go to mush. It was good to get back in the saddle after missing two weekends for vacation. Legs were tired afterwards.

But we went for 3 mile run to finish off a hard day. Gasp!  And my belly was getting over something. Had a bit of GI distress.

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