Chilling before the Big Day

Friday: Drove down to Montreal to pick up Zack. (1.5 hrs. 85 miles.) I had a good time chatting with Zack. He had just finished a shoot on a YouTube show for XOverland, which was an off-roading adventure show in British Columbia –> Yukon. Unfortunately, his bags got lost in South Carolina. They caught up with him on Saturday.

Athletes Dinner: Buffet dinner with Cirque du Soleil-ish dancers and puppeteers. Mike Riley had a pep talk. Inspirational videos. We sat by the entry walkway and saw thousands of skinny people file in. I am constantly blow away by how many Ironman there are. There are that many crazy people.

Group shot of PTC/VOLT.

Athletes Meeting: Course review. Contingency plans for fog on lake. Gasp! They could (1) shorten swim to 1.2mi, (2) cancel swim. Rain doesn’t cancel anything. Reviewing the course raised some anxiety. I really wanted to get back to my room and load up all the gear bags and put on all the stickers.

Show in town. Loud music.

Fireworks: This place goes all out. The fireworks were great.




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