Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon – Race Report

13.2 miles (i know, right?), 2:24 run time.

A bunch from the Club piled into Lynda’s sprinter van, and headed down to Staples Center for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. While we waited for everyone to assemble for  the van ride, Ryan found a new #1 fan! The course was changed from previous years because the bridges were demolished. Instead of going east to the LA River, we headed west along Wilshire Blvd. I would describe the new section of the course as rollers, you’re either going up or down, not flat.

The race setup with great. Bag Drop, then potties, then corrals. Perfect. Water stops all the time.

My race was okay. 2:24. I felt great the start. Mile 1-3 south to usc was fast. Mile 4-7 back up to Staples was okay. There was a noticeable incline on Wilshire, up and over the freeway. Then, it was rollers, mostly descending to Western. Then flip it with rollers, mostly ascending back to DownTown. The weather was humid and had a few drips of rain, but nothing bad. Some guys went to beer garden after and polished of some ultras (of the beer kind).

Ryan, Ben, Gregg, Mike, Yuri, Paul, Bob, Luis, Kirk, Alvin, Joe, Rudy, Lynda



GT Amy
Ryan is the ONE



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