Azusa Canyon Ride Report – Hwy 39, Back Side of GMR

37.8 miles, 2:51 moving time, 3,553 ft elevation

Although the Club started at Sierra Madre, I picked up the ride at Encanto Park. I had to finish a bit early to get home for a soccer game. The Ride went up the San Gabriel River Trail and up the Azusa Canyon Hwy 39. We turned right at East Fork and went over the bridge. We took at break at the Cafe for water and potty stop. Lynda found a new furry friend. Then the Climb up the Back Side of GMR (Glendora Mountain Road). It was a cool morning and it didn’t really heat up until we descended all the way down to Sierra Madre again. Tiffany had a good time recalling what the climb was like.

Gregg, Joe, Peter, Tiffany, Kirk, Mike, Luis, Lynda, Steve, Ryan

start of something beautiful
vanishing point
east fork bridge
lynda’s new friend
Top of GMR

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 3.44.33 PM.png

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