Run – Race Rehearsal. Downhill Switzer to La Canada

9.8 miles, 1:34 moving time, 2,200 ft elevation drop

In preparation for next week’s Revel Canyon Half Marathon in Asuza, we ran a 10 mile downhill. Dino, Ryan, Lynda, and I met at Panera Bread in La Canada. We drove one car up Angeles Crest Hwy to Switzer Canyon and ran downhill. Boy, my quads are crunchy the day after! There was one uphill at the beginning, then it is a steady 6-7% downhill grade. Fair amount of car traffic and a narrow shoulder. Kinda crazy; I agree. With no water stops, I wore a camelback. The weather was perfect. Not too cold, not to hot. Sunny. On the day of the time change we didn’t lose anybody either. Dino and Ryan took off like rabbits at the start.



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