Tour de Rock. Award Celebration.

Early in the week, Bill and Lynda hosted a great Award Celebration for the Tour de Rock 2017. Jerseys and Cash awards for Overall winner: Tyler. He also won a trip to Switzerland to join Bill at the World Duathlons. Cash prizes for Stage and Sprint Point and KOM Point winners. Bryan, Peter, Tyler, Phil, (a think I missed a few, due to the great beers served). Team Merchants of Speed won over the Cannibals. We chipped in gave Bill a commemorative Eagle. I told him next year, he’s getting a Rock.

IMG_2705 3IMG_2707 3IMG_2709 3IMG_2710 3IMG_2713 3IMG_2714 3IMG_2715 3IMG_2718 3IMG_2720 3IMG_2719 3


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