health survey

I found the Rand Health Survey SF-36 as a medical outcome as part of my day job research. But, I found it enlightening as a triathlete and as a pursuer of happiness. The health of an individual is the composite of eight health concepts: (1) physical functioning, (2) bodily pain, (3) role limitations due to physical health problems, (4) role limitations due to personal or emotional problems, (5) emotional well-being, (6) social functioning, (7) energy/fatigue, and (8) general health perceptions. Here’s the PDF version. How often do we look at our full lives this objectively and then give it a number? Here’s the scoring instructions.

Like they say, you can’t fix what you can’t measure. This measures your health in its totality. It’s used as a clinical medical outcome study (MOS SF-36). That’s awesome.

It’s interesting to me that the survey taker is asked to evaluate their perception of their health. I think that the personal reflection on what you can and cannot do is tremendously important. How rarely do we sit down for a second and think about all the things we can or cannot do? I filled out the survey for fun for myself. I am thankful for what I can do as a healthy person in my late 40s. I’m thankful for my emotional state and that I work on my happiness and I have friends and family all around that contribute to that.


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