Pizza Brick

13+ miles, 58:21 moving time, 1,289 ft elevation.

On a warm Wednesday afternoon, the club rode a couple climbing loops around Pasadena (Erin’s Loop). The sun was going down, slowly, so we finished the ride in twilight on the summer evening. Pizza, Pie, and Beer after the run. I got stuck at work late, and missed the warm up laps and hit the climbs straight away. I was riding about half a loop behind. Jeff caught me on the end of the climb. Fun summer night. Mark seemed a little overdressed for the ride. Met a new member Nathan!


Mark, Peter, Allen




Evan and Bob (and Mike and Todd)


Jeff, Steve, Lynda


Tiffany, Amy, Lynda


Ryan, Bob


Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.05.22 PM

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