Long Trail Run

11 miles, 2:26 moving time.

While I’m still preparing for Ironman Louisville, I need to up my running miles. Today’s workout was suppose to be 12 miles. I got 11 miles in 2:26 so that was good for me. I started at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center and met Amy. She accompanied me around half the Rose Bowl loop. Kirk passed us on the loop. He said it’s his last long run before IM Santa Rosa 70.3, coming up in a week. I continued up the Arroyo, along the trail outside the golf course. I walked up the steep rocky trail at Devil’s dam. The trail splits into the high trail and the low trail. I kept it high until the JPL parking lot. Then, I continued up the bike path / horse path to the water trough. I was only at 4.5 miles, so I kept going on the trail and it got smaller and narrower. Just past the stream crossing, I flipped it at 5.5 miles, and then rolled back. I filled up my hand-held water bottle at the water trough. It was warming up a lot on the way back. I saw Leanne doing a loop around the golf course. Even after a cold shower and iced coffee at church, it took awhile to cool down.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 6.28.37 PM

Rocky Trail up Devil’s Dam


High road


Mountain bike trail? no, water trough to the left.


water trough


Stream crossing


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