Ride Report – Resolution Ride

39.07 miles, 3:02 moving time, 3,860 ft elevation

On a warm summer morning the Club rode the Resolution Ride Route, around the perimeter of Pasadena, climbing all the hills. We started from Jones coffee in Pasadena, then rode flat and east to Hill. Then, up along Sierra Madre and snaking up along to the top of Lake Ave. Then, up Chaney Trail. Oh boy. Then over to Descanso Gardens. To the top fo Foothill, and down Dunsmore and Verdugo down to Glendale College. Up Chevy Chase Canyon and over Linda Vista / Linda. Arbor for dessert. Cooled off back at Jones Coffee with some iced cold brew, or an 8 mile run, if you’re Lynda or Kali. Way to go!

GT, Julie, Kali, Felipe, Scott, Mike, Marco, Lynda, Jonathan, Steve, Dino, Grazi, Nicole, Trevor, Alvin, Amy, Jeff, Blake. Joe, Bob.vVrBXC73RxSD8+GFm3ghvF8PoLuSiGUAX1a2iW8sQzIvm0WOsSh6bKyjnoJYkxAOhPCM7K6Sr6iGsclqGVJNAP3kxMW+ZScqUP6N4foH8+wSpG23qCSQw2U33uyNT0L8wVA7RBHSBQOmZdTXjiiA9TAnyOG3qvtRQ669MM0XrsYsg1kax2qskR4iyD6a3eb5PAQq8d8TmBMQ6CVqtPvyY9fVgNDtlBq1vQ%u%5XxCb8ClxgQMzUe1zoRSer1edDNxxOnA2U0qc+7vSzunUD6IA5Y7NQs8yyCvmySFGF4fCQqiz%DQT6eZiU%PRtusSJmqZBW8pA2XC1Tk9XRgiz%gbKJ7vIGQ9JY8LEghTrSQ0sXzeezR6g

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.48.55 PM

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