Sunday Swim – Belmont Shore. Open Water Swim. Naples Island

4,544 yds (2.5 miles) 1:35 moving time. Around the whole damn thing.

Great swim today. We heard there was a big paddle board / swim thing starting at 8am, so we arrived at early to miss the crowds. Slower group started at 6:30am, the fast guys started at 7am. The water was warm. I was hot inside my wetsuit. There was a bunch of sculls and paddle boards out. We had to watch out. Many of us were wearing our bright buoys. We refueled down the street at the “small cafe” with big breakfasts and cinnamon rolls. yum!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.52.11 PMFkZBSUvQTPmjuEgsCY2cPgcaaDxETNSiWiGsVnhmJG0gDjiTd5FeSJOKJyDA7QhbyAIMG_4296Imcp3cqlT22BiQ+NHRo6iAw5Yuy4RkT3ag97AZ3wmMEwxiKShLvnQ%yYTN+%zZ7i7A1r0qyg2YQOWaXW6EmTgsPwknaJR9wbTiWJ4VJk91CnFA

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