Ride Report – Resolution Ride. Abridged.

From Feb 15, 2020.

30.83 miles, 2:25 moving times, 3,156 ft elevation.

Club Ride from Jones Coffee. Rolled all around Pasadena. Eaton Canyon. Top of Lake. Chaney Trail. Descanso Gardens. Chevy Chase and Linda Vista. ARBOR!

Shout out to new member: Lee. Well done on Chaney trail!

0992D5C3-3ABF-464A-9515-F05C1F8958A4F51DCE04-7B9A-4F81-AC26-B5405DEF2DEF4E234527-84AF-4EDD-B66F-A7EC6734B413EA4F78C9-A145-42B5-A243-1994E53D6612427A14A0-4FFD-4066-ABBE-7E421EB978A200C275A5-1624-48EB-8FB3-E667D2D8D2DCEDFB933B-9FAB-4F50-8E37-02650E854240A4C93BB7-8084-45DF-9CEB-A08AB09908DF59ADFC93-CA7C-4BAD-858E-7A53DA95BAF5FE08AEAB-3A7C-4114-9C8F-1C8D15F25799DCC52767-B50C-4B25-B668-25378A4957EB15BE34A4-9BC8-4D12-86D2-BF254DA240D790DB8639-73AF-43F6-900D-B150CA3ABB735E42F295-06F3-42C6-B5AE-63B79A8DBB79F7229B17-06D8-49F3-BFD8-244D714D26CC5B3C196F-1909-4EB9-889F-73E1E55DDD7893C80211-5E0A-42D3-AF48-7DA032A9F147Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 7.48.38 PM

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