Ride Report – Mt. Wilson

39.25 miles, 3:37 moving time, 5,029 ft elevation

On a bright sunny morning, the Club rode up Angeles Cretics Highway from La Canada Flintridge. Bob rolled up from his nearby house, but forgot his helmet. Luckily, Peter had a spare. Henry rolled up and forgot his shoes. Too bad Henry.

The rest of us climbed up to Clear Creek, to Red Box, and to Mt. Wilson. It was a clear beautiful day with some high clouds. But it was cold on the shady side. Sue had a minor shoe issue. The descent was definitely super chilly. A bunch of the Club rushed down the mountain to set a Race Rehearsal for the Pasadena Triathlon, coming up next week. Lynda flipped it before the top. Just taking notes…

A9564AE4-DC4F-4C77-B1BD-A3154B1ED8EBCA4FEC58-8815-4F78-952D-52A30933F3DC81568217-305C-408E-BFDA-33DDF63305B1FC2B01EA-9C69-4FE9-BA94-4A723887ECA1D11307D0-68FD-4D17-ADD8-3D14EEFF83C4117D01E1-C900-4BFF-836E-C766E6217EE88BA937DC-1DE9-4F16-B03C-F0E080A1F13FFB88B3E4-6C70-45AC-9E20-BE296A3C32B6_1_201_aF1F9622F-F1A4-4A7F-9110-4F1CB6285C0474514CC2-4E7C-49AE-B667-FC437CB963C6E3B9D1F9-F1CC-4231-BD59-DD879885383FScreen Shot 2020-02-29 at 4.47.01 PM51E32AC6-C1A8-450A-BDCA-BEC0CE34C950

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