Ride Report – Pasadena to Bonelli Park

48.2 miles, 3:01 moving time, 1,998 ft elevation

On an overcast fall morning, the Club met in Sierra Madre. G(oeff) showed us his new Canyon bike. “N+1”, he says. We rode to Encanto Park in Duarte, picking up a few guys along the way. We rode down the San Gabriel River Trail to the Santa Fe Dam. We rode across the dam, passing a lot of cyclists. We curled around and headed east on Arrow Hwy all the way out to San Dimas. Gladstone was closed for a bit and we lost Eric for while. We got him back and met in Bonelli Park. We regrouped and rolled home. Great ride.

Bill, Lynda, PaulG, Raul, Phillip, Sue, Erick, PaulM, G, Dave, Ryan, Alvin, Rick, Joe, David, MikeW, MikeK, Gregg, Marco

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