Run Report – Fecta #3. Half Marathon – Rose Bowl to Descanso Garden. FECTA RESULTS!

13.1 miles. From the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to Descanso Gardens and back.

AND HERE’s the Results.

Fecta Winner (Cumulative Time for Race #1, #2, #3): Mark 3:48:58. $100 gift card prize at Run With Us.

Fecta Runner Up #1: Eric 3:50:08. woah. super close. that’s one minute and 10 between three races and 32.3 miles!

Fecta Runner UP #2: Ryan. 3:52:51

Congratulations to these speedy dudes!

Special Thanks to Alvin for setting up the Fecta Race Series. Thanks for Lynda for setting up the tent with snacks and refreshing drinks. Thanks to Sue for picking up the Lucky Boys breakfast burritos!

Thanks to Run With Us for Sponsoring the Event with special Prizes. Rw/U $75 gifts card raffle winner: Paul G.

Raffle Winners: Run With Us Goodie Bags (Joe and Daryl), PTC Visors (Dave, Elsa, Marisa), Socks (Eric, Steve).

PTC Pint Glasses, PTC Sunglasses, and cow bells. Everybody that raced all three.

It was a gorgeous SoCal Day for a run. Sparkling sunshine and oak tree shades through La Canada Flintridge.

Lynda, Sue, Alvin, Else, Bert, Joe, Bob, Steve, Mark, Angie, Dave, Vicky, Susan, Julien, San, Shige, Rex, MikeW, Marisa, Rick, Ryan, Ahmad, James & Angie.

RACE DETAILS: This was the Race Director’s Note Prior to the Last Race.

Hello Racers!

It’s time for Fecta #3 “Descanso Half Marathon” , our last race in our homemade race series! I hope you guys are having fun! You can see everyone’s results so far on the Race Spreadsheet. The race for the top spot is VERY CLOSE with the top 3 guys within 1 minute of each other! 

Please note that all racers, Virtual and IRL (In Real Life) racers have until this Sunday, Feb 21st to get all 3 races done to get our fabulous PTC Pint Glass! For every race that you complete you will get an entry to the drawing on Sunday for some cool stuff. Complete all 3 races and you get double entries(6)! Top overall racer gets a $100 Run With Us Gift card! If you missed the details on the other 2 races send me an email and I will forward you the info.

Fecta #3 Details and Course Options

Date: Sunday Feb 21st (IRL racers and last day for Virtual Racers)

Start Time: 8am (You can start earlier or later to get social distancing or a head start)

Start Point: Meet up at Rosebowl Aquatic Center Parking Lot (Look for PTC EZ Up) We will then walk to the Start line (see image below)

I’ve decided to start from the Rosebowl and make our way up to Bob’s house by Descanso as the final route instead of doing the opposite. There are 2 different routes you can run:

Course A “Easy Navigation”

Course Link

On this course Bob’s house will be the only aid station at mile 7. There we will have access to water bottles and the use of his bathroom in his garage guest house. I highly recommend the top 3 athletes, Mark, Ryan, and Eric to do this course. I want you guys to do the same course with 1 precise turnaround. I will be doing this course as well. 

Course B with an additional bathroom stop and just a little more elevation.

Course Link

For those of you who have done the Sunday run and are familiar with that course (I am not)  I am offering an optional course that will take you by Hahamonga Watershed park that has a bathroom at mile 4. This course does use some extra streets that may not be familiar to everyone so if you want this option please examine the route that Lynda created carefully. Please make note of the additional out and back to Holly. I don’t know personally where the bathroom is. This is more for the people that know the route already. Bob’s house will still be an aid station and the turn around point is the same near his house.

In the end, I don’t care which route you take as long as you start at the Rosebowl start point, make your way to Bob’s house/Aid Station, return to the start, and make 13.1 miles. Again you are responsible for your own timing.

Start Line

Here are a couple of images of Bob’s house where the aid station and bathroom will be and where the turnaround is at the end of his cul-de-sac.

Post Race Activities

  • Food and Beverages including Breakfast Burritos
  • Drawing for prizes

Alvin Hom, PTC Race Director

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