Ride Report – Griffith Park

35.35 miles, 2:51 moving time, 2,963 ft ascent

On a foggy fall morning, the club went riding to Griffith Park Observatory.

Ray, Marisa, Gary, Bert, Elsa, Mike K, Peter, James L, Joe.

We had a great ride. We rode through Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Glendale. Then down to the Valley side of Griffith Park. Passing Travel town. The gate was open for some filming on the Hollywood side. I stopped for the typical Burbank Vista view, but it was only fog. We crested the top and went down the Canyon side down the Hollywood Side. Back up to Griffith Park Observatory. We went down the front side and i showed the crew a secret short cut through the Los Felix side. A little bit of dirt on the Silver Lake Blvd. to Los Felix Drive. We rode down the LA River Trail. I was doing so well with my directions for this morning’s ride, and blew right past Fletcher Dr. I had to stop and flip it. Sorry guys. We rode back through Eagle Rock and Pasadena. The stint up La Loma reminded me of the Oceanside 70.3 steep climbs. Very similar: 1/4 mile with 12% incline. As if that wasn’t enough and in honor of Lynda, we detoured to Arbor for a final push. Photo evidence below. Coffee and snacks back at Jones Coffee. Yum. Great ride.

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