Crown City United. Soccer Sunday.

The Crown City United BU12 Blue won 4-1 over FC Golden State Downey.

4 amazing goals.

8am game time was great. The boys looked alive and took off from the very beginning. Passing was strong. They moved it around well. They played aggressive and went for it at full speed.



Goal #1: Wilter laid an awesome corner kick into the front of the goal. Ian was positioned perfectly. The ball rolled down his back and into the goal.

Goal #2: Ian rumbled down the field and took a foul in the box. Alex took the PK with more power than the goalie could handle.

Goal #3: AlexL passed it up the side to Neil. Neil sent it up the center to Ian. Ian rumbled and shot and shot until his left got it up and over and into the net.

Goal #4: Porter took the corner kick. Braden wiffed at it. Wilter kicked a couple times until it went in.

Post game High Fives with the friends and family

2 thoughts on “Crown City United. Soccer Sunday.

  1. Joe! Thank you for these videos!! So glad they had a big win. And I feel like I was there a little bit when I watch these 🙂

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