PTC Sunday Beginner Ride. Hill Intervals.

18.3 miles, 1:25:10, 1,158 elevation, 30 suffer score, 35 strava trophies.

Elizabeth led a great workout for the Sunday Beginner Ride. Hill Intervals around the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl is situated in a little valley called the Arroyo Seco. There are many entrances to the Rose Bowl from the surrounding areas, all the little roads are hill intervals just waiting to be conquered. We started in a easy pace line for one loop around the Rose Bowl and Brookside Golf Course. Tips on pace lining. Spacing. Easy effort. Eyes on the guy’s shoulder, not their wheel nor the ground. We hit Salvia Ca nyon, Washington Blvd, Arroyo Blvd, and Seco. I headed home for BK’s soccer game, and the group went on for a few more hills. Well Done.

I rode to and from SoPas, which added a few extra miles.

Dave, Elizabeth, Luis, Mike, Kin, Kelsy (and me)

IMG_5580 IMG_5583

Griffith Park. Hollywood Sign. LA River Trail.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 1172015 113810 AM

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