Brick = Swim + Run

It cooled off in LA to 47°F in the morning. When the sun came up it was a beautiful sparkling day. Swim. 2800 m with Golden Road Swim. I swam with Anthony, Heather, Meg in the medium speed lane. Working on… (1) right arm not crossing over. (2) Left arm hand enter water before elbow, especially with paddles (3) Head position. Farther down, but looking up. I went to Dr. Martin Choy’s Chiropractor office earlier this week. Christian bent my toes back and forth to evaluate my mobility. It felt like my toes were going to be plucked off. Hard deep stretches, held back the tears. He also worked out a kink in my right shoulder blade. That tight spot is causing my right arm weakness and cross over. He gave me some stretches and exercises to increase mobility to workout that kink in the shoulder blade. Run was slow and uneventful. New streets to check out in Burbank. Ran by Porto’s; I’ll keep that one in mind. The sun was very bright at point. Mostly I was listening closely to my left foot and monitoring any signs of plantar fasciitis. Tomorrow’s Revel Canyon Half Marathon in Azusa Canyon will be a doozy. I think it’s gonna be painful on the foot.

IMG_7878 IMG_7877 IMG_7879 IMG_7880

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