4th of July – Hollywood Bowl – Pentatonix – Fireworks

[belated post]

We had a great time on the 4th of July. A family tradition to go to the Hollywood Bowl for a picnic dinner and a concert and fireworks. We’ve been going with my family to the Hollywood Bowl since the late 80s. My sister and her family was there too. My mom and dad didn’t make it this year, they’re not up for the long walk and climbing stairs.

We took a HB shuttle from Pasadena, which is totally worth it, because parking at the Bowl is horrendous. We were suffering from heatwave brain fart as we left our main food bag on the countertop. We had drinks and fruits. Fortunately, I had my beer in my backpack. It turns out the burgers at the Bowl are pretty good. For dessert, my niece Rebecca and her hubby brought a yummy chocolate cake.

The Hollywood Bowl orchestra played some Americana music. One the annual favorites is a military medley. When the theme song for that branch of the military plays, then all the veterans, soldiers, and families stand up and wave. It’s very touching really.

During a brief intermission, we run to the potty. Then, Pentatonix had a concert. This was the first time hearing them live. They were great. I really love acappella groups. They were very humbled and appreciative to be at such a venerated venue.

After a short break, there was music and fireworks. Always great. The timing is impecably set to the Sousa marches. Pentatonix sang an encore Bohemian Rhapsody. It was awesome. On the way to the shuttle bus, we saw the singing puppet opera dog. Every year.


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