Apple Watch 3 – fitness review by DC Rainmaker

My favorite gadget guru, DC Rainmaker, has a fresh review on the Apple Watch 3 GPS & Cellular. It’s very in depth and focuses on sports and fitness apps. He compares Apple Watch with Garmin and Fitbit devices. The most notable observation that I agree with is the 2-3 minute lag on Apple Watch GPS locating. It’s kinda bad considering other competitive products notify or display the GPS lock before starting a workout. This is confirmed and investigated by Ray. Overall, I love my Apple Watch for notifications and Movement Rings. I use the Strava App for run, swim, and bike for about a month now. My Garmin 920XT is better at all the sports stuff than the Apple Watch Series 3, but all the non-sports stuff, Apple Watch is more beautiful and seemless. I think I’ve settled on wearing  my Garmin for big events or big rides/runs and my Apple watch for everyday and minor workouts. I ran the Revel Half Marathon with my Apple Watch, and it was definitely worth it to get my text messages and my tunes on that particular day. The pace and distance were a bit wonky, but I needed to be in contact with family. Check out the review. I like flipping through to find new features or glitches.

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