Ironman Journey Chat – Follow up Interview with Zack

Well, hello, interwebs! I sat down with Zack and chatted about Triathlon again. This is a follow up interview to the short movie The Journey. We talked a lot. Fairly spontaneous. It was great to follow up with my internet friends. I get direct messages (DM) almost everyday about how the movie inspired them to do their first triathlon. Really cool. I hope you enjoy the interview…

From Zack’s youtube intro…

“I finally get a chance to sit down with Joe and just chat about the race and what he learned from his first Ironman experience.

What would he change, how would he prepare?

What is he doing next? –

We talk through how began his Ironman Journey –

What things he would have done different – Post race depression –

What does a triathlon lifestyle really look like?

If you want to follow Joe, reach out to him on his social channels or check out his blog.

Pasadena Triathlon Club –

Film by Zack Johnson 2017

Pasadena, CA | 2018

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